Bain Elixir Ultime Shampoo


This Marula oil shampoo has a formula that enhances shine, ideal for hair without shine. This rich and airy foaming shampoo revives the hair fiber by generously nourishing it with all the nutrients it needs for a silky feeling. It purifies and eliminates residues and pollution particles and removes impurities. Enriched with a subtle combination of Marula oil and camellia oil, the formula is highly concentrated in vitamins C and D and Omega 9, a long-acting natural fatty acid. Together, these nutrients make the fragrance’s floral and leathery notes last longer on the hair. The hair fiber is ready to be treated, bright, shiny and nourished to the ends of the tips.

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Wet the hair, then carefully remove the excess water before applying the shampoo to the 5 essential areas of the hair.
Add water and emulsify.
Concentrate this first wash on the scalp using the fingertips to massage the scalp and remove impurities.
Rinse thoroughly.
Apply the shampoo a second time on the hair and add water.
The second foam will produce a more abundant foam which will help clean the lengths to the ends.
Rinse thoroughly.


A unique combination of 5 precious oils:

Sacred Marula Oil: Enriched with vitamins C and D, it provides an intense source of nutrition and has antioxidant properties, to provide your hair with all the nutrients it needs.
Precious Camellia Oil: Helps to smooth the hair fiber, for incredible shine and suppleness.
Corn germ oil: An active ingredient that fulfills a major nutritional function and brings shine, softness and protection to hair.
Pracaxi Oil: Brings shine, nutrition and deep care to the hair.
Argan oil: Helps restore the strength and suppleness of hair and protect it from external aggressions.

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